Open Access short and simple

This is not a complete translation of our website but only a summary of the most important facts.It is the aim of the Open Access movement to make scientific knowledge openly accessible online to all users free of charge. Open Access articles can be read, downloaded, copied and distributed toll-free while still giving authors control over integrity of their work and the right to be properly acknowledged and cited. Open Access articles can be made available to the worldwide scientific community in a very short time span in contrast to the relatively time consuming traditional publication process. The increased visibility of Open Access articles through the internet grants a greater impact of the research presented and promotes international and inter-disciplinary cooperation. Good findability via search engines and reference services is ensured as the publications are indexed in accordance with international standards. Concerning quality control, Open Access publishers follow the same standards as traditional journal publishers to ensure the proper recognition by the scientific community. The storage of digital publications on document servers guarantees the long-term availability of research results.

Whereas Open Access publications are free for all users, there remain some article processing costs that need to be covered. Many renowned publishing houses charge the authors with so called "author fees". As the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz and the University Medical Center wish to promote the publication of research results produced by its scholars in Open Access journals, we offer a publication fund that will pay for article processing fees.